Are you planning on revamping some of the walls in your home? Say you had two choices, wall coloring, or wallpaper, which would you chose? Well here are a couple of pros and cons to factor in when considering what to chose for your wall decor.

First of all, wall coloring is a very simple setup and is relatively inexpensive to install. Basically its just rollers, brushes, and the paint that you’ll need. Consider if your wall gets scratched or a tear through it. A simple fix of just putting a small coat of paint on it will help it to look like it never happened. In addition, wall coloring can be very aesthetically pleasing, and can highly compliment your home interior.

In regards to the wallpaper, there are thousands and thousands of possible designs for the paper, which will definitely give your home a warm appeal. However, if your home does happen to have water leakage, then the wallpaper is at risk of becoming moldy and affecting the families health. Also, if the wallpaper happens to get torn or scratched, then you would have to replace a whole section of wallpaper.

In my own personal opinion, I would recommend wall coloring due to its simple application, easy install, and relatively cheap cost overall.