Many types of insulation are out there designed for keeping the heat already in your home where it is. There’s fiberglass, newspaper, and other types. But have you ever heard of rock-wool before? Some interesting facts about rock-wool being used as insulation will be discussed in this article.

Rock-wool, or otherwise known as ‘mineral wool’, is a type of thermal insulation made up basically of minerals and rocks. This type of insulation is exceptional at keeping both heat and sound within your walls. In the early 1900’s, in Hawaii, volcanologists found this wool like substance hanging from a tree branch after a volcanic eruption. After some study and research, scientists were able to use the benefits of this substance and apply them to homes for insulation. Rock-wool is mainly made in large factories that have furnaces that have the ability to heat substances to over 2,900 degrees!

Really the only way that rock-wool cause harm to someone is a minor skin irritation if direct contact with the skin was involved. The International Research Division for Cancer considers this very substance to not be harmful to humans, so you can definitely see the benefits of this material as insulation in your own home.