You may remember a time growing up as a child that you had a night light next to your bed to keep all of the monsters away at night and to help you sleep. However, what you may not have known is that the night light could be a monster in itself. But how can this be? A simple night light may not seem dangerous, but here are a couple things for you to think about.

First off, night lights need to be plugged in to function at all. As they are left on throughout the night, they can overheat pretty easily and melt itself, and potentially the outlet, thus causing a house fire. To reduce this chance, keep night lights plugged in away from flammable materials such as a bed cover, blankets, tape, or even window drapes. If you have a bubble light, which is quite beautiful at night, but this beauty has a deadly secret: this type of night light has a dangerous chemical in it called methylene chloride. If the light was to break, the pieces should be immediately swept up and thrown away with as little skin contact as possible.

As with anything electric, plugging a night light in an environment that has a greater amount of moisture could cause the device to have an electric shock. Making sure that the night light is plugged in an area with room temperature and not a lot of moisture will be key to keeping yourself from getting a good jolt while touching it. Night lights are great to have for children, but using common sense and your head will keep your children safe and happy at night with their night light.