With technology continuing to progress and advance, we see many items even within the home that you could never have even dreamed before that now have touch screens, usb ports, and are even wireless capable. Appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, ovens, thermostat, even your dishwasher, are now capable of being remotely used. What are some of the benefits, but what are some of the downfalls? Each will be discussed in this article.

Well the first thing that you can definitely appreciate from having smart appliances in your home is ease of access. Companies make it so easy to be able to change the temperature of your house, fridge, turning the oven on, and you don’t even have to be right next to them to do it, you could be watching TV and decide to do it. By having these devices wifi capable, you can have the ability to turn things on when you aren’t even on the same wifi network as your home network is. With touchscreen’s available on these devices, like the fridge, no clutter or pictures spread all across your fridge is needed when you can just create a slideshow loop to watch on your fridge.

However, there is definitely one downside to having a smart home. Hackers have found ways to mess with people’s thermostats, fridge’s, even with basic appliances. With the danger of losing both your personal information and your personal property, the threat of having a hacker hack into your home network and take over your devices is definitely a possibility. Having strong security through passwords can help mitigate this possibility. Having a smart home can really keep you up with the times, or it could potentially lead you to losing your personal data and property.